Dear Partner,

Paris, November 18th 2015

First and foremost, we wish to thank you for all of your messages of support and compassion that we have received during the last few days.

Following the recent tragic events that have taken place in Paris, we felt it necessary to contact you; firstly to reassure you that, as in the past, Paris and its habitants are even more determined to preserve and perpetuate the unique charm that is Paris. Paris, is a city that can really only flourish when the ‘lovers’ of Paris from the four corners of the Globe can come and experience what they have imagined in their dreams.

We, as a Paris-based company, are of course feeling the ‘immediate’ effect of these events but remain convinced that confidence will return. We realise that you are, and will be seeing significant cancellations for the Christmas and New Year periods for Paris, Paris My Way stands firm and is ready to associate itself with any efforts you make to ‘buck’ this trend as soon as possible.

The spirit that personifies Paris, as well as other major cities touched by similar events in the past, will persevere. Just after the week-end, on Monday morning, Parisians, despite the immense pain, were showing great resistance by simply getting on with their daily business. Indeed many events have been organised to show the outside World, and the Parisians themselves, that our ‘Show’ will and must go on.

We value our Partnership, and welcome any enquiries and questions that you may have, which might assist you in understanding the real situation and being better positioned to advise potential travellers considering coming to our Capital.

We thank you warmly for your confidence

Best Regards from all of our Team!

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